Resources on Faith and Science

One of my passions is science. From a young age I remember my father's own interest in the sciences, especially Astronomy. There is something wonderful about God's gift of this universe that draws me in and feeds my thirst to understand how our world works.

For many Christians science is an uneasy topic, and for some it is a downright foe and a threat to faith. This reality makes me sad, as people on both sides of the divide end up missing out on a richer understanding of God's creation. This needless struggle between the two camps of faith and science leads us into a bleak world where either nothing can be explored for fear of loosing one's faith, and faith can never be considered due to a lack of material evidence.

I have put together a resource page that I hope people will find useful in navigating this sensitive topic. Please take a look here.

I hope you find the resources I point to helpful as you navigate this topic in your own life and development. Part of owning our faith is engaging those questions we might otherwise not want to ask. Please use the contact form to get ahold of me if you like.