Lent 2014 - Sunday, March 23rd - Third Sunday of Lent


Scripture Reading for Sunday, March 23

Reading: John 5:25-29

A Time is Coming

When we think of the term 'hope' it is often within the context of something that is yet to happen. 'Today is bad; but tomorrow will be better.' To hope is to anticipate, to look forward to something out ahead, something approaching. Certainly the disciples had waited their whole lives, and the Israelites as a whole for many generations for the arrival of their messiah.

Central to the hope of the Christian faith is that a world of suffering and death is not the full story or the end of the story. We cling to the hope that God will not only set things right again in our world, but that even those who have died will get to take part in God's restored creation. Resurrection is a core hope of the Christian faith.

The resurrection we hope for is not some George Romero zombie attack; rather it is the full restoration of humans to their humanity. It is life as God intended it to be; full, rich, significant, and everlasting. As followers of Jesus Christ we cling to the hope of the resurrection of Jesus not just because of what it means for him; but what it means for our future as well. A time is coming in which all who have and do worship the Lord of heaven and earth will be made whole through God's saving grace.

Questions for Reflection or Journaling

  • What do you hope for?
  • Where do you look for hope to come from? Finances? Friends? Spouse? Family? Is there lasting hope there?


*Father, you are not just our only hope, you are the giver of hope. Through Jesus Christ's death and resurrection we have a way made for us to turn from hopelessness to hope. Remind us today of our need to place our hope only in you.