Lent 2014 - Thursday, March 6th

Scripture reading for Thursday, March 6th.

Gospel: Luke 9:18-27

Who am I?

Lent can be a season of discovery. Self-discovery, sure; but primarily a discovery of who he is. It is important that we know who he is because after all he is the one we have decided to throw it all in with.

Jesus asked his disciples this simple question, "Who do you say that I am?"

Why was it important for them to answer this question?

I can imagine some of the disciples were playing a mental game here with Jesus, hemming and hawing, not wanting to respond that he might be the Messiah. Only Peter was bold enough to step out on the limb, to risk the scorn of the group or the dissaproval of their master. Perhaps, part of the reason for the hesitation was because being Messiah carries a whole lot of baggage with it. Ushering in God's Kingdom, the beginning of heaven on earth, is a big deal. But more importantly it carries with it the baggage of more than a millenia of Jewish prophecy, and of anticipation for the King that would set things right and put Israel on top.

So what is Jesus' response to this grand revelation that he indeed is the one they had waited so long for, the one who would set all things right under his reign as king?

"Do not tell anyone..." Does that even make sense!?

Peter, and the rest were just told some of the biggest news of their lives and now Jesus says, 'keep a lid on it guys.' I would have wanted to run to the hilltops proclaiming that Jesus was the Messiah, that it was all about to get a lot better for us, the Hebrew people. They did not do that though, they obeyed Jesus. They knew that if this whole Messiah thing was going to work out they had a whole lot more to learn about who this guy they called teacher was.

Learning about who Jesus is, is a lifelong process. There is no finish line this side of mortality, rather it is an ever deepening relationship we must wade into.

Spend some time journaling or meditating, knowing that Jesus extends to you the same question he asked the disciples, "who do you say that I am?"


Lord God in Heaven, we give you praise today for sending your one and only son, Jesus Christ, to be our messiah. From the beginning and till this moment you are working out the reality of your kingdom of peace here on earth. Open our eyes Lord to who you are, and show us a glimpse of your nature so that we can in turn strive to be more like you each and every day.