Lent 2014 - Friday, March 28th

Scripture Reading for Thursday, March 28

Reading: Mark 6:47-56

He Meant to Pass by Them

Jesus looked out over the waves and saw the disciples. They were struggling. The wind was strong and so they strained against the oars to make progress. Each pull weighed against their muscles and tested their strength. It was coming close to morning and Jesus decided to take a stroll out over the waves and yet to him the wind was nothing, and the water a solid path.

When Jesus caught up to his struggling band of followers they were afraid of him, "It's a ghost" they exclaimed! They were in fear of the same man who had previously calmed the storm and sea for them, the man who had broke a few bits of bread and fish into food for thousands, and the man who now walked upon the water. But they had understood none of it, "Their hearts were hardened." They were afraid, struggling, alone amidst the chaos of the sea, and trying to do it on their own. They had not yet recognized God's faithfulness, and they were still caught in the moment of their fear.

How true is this story of our own lives? We see the effects of God's hand upon our lives, we witness the miracles our teacher has performed; and yet we are afraid. We struggle against the storm under our own power, and try to make sense of the chaos that surrounds us. Each day is a pull of the oar.

Jesus intended to pass his disciples by. I don't think Jesus did this because he did not want to help his followers; rather I believe he had hoped that by now they might have recognize God's presence in their midst. The storm was a temporal struggle; however in their way of hard-heartedness they were blind.

Questions for Reflection or Journaling

  • What are we looking to God to do in our lives?
  • Do we really expect him to do it?


Father in heaven. Doubt often leads to a stronger faith, but often we doubt without any reason other than our own fears and misgivings. Certainly you are with us amidst the chaos. Overcome our unbelief with your love and grace.