Lent 2014 - Fourth Sunday of Lent - March 30th


Scripture Reading for the Fourth Sunday of Lent, March 30th

Reading: John 6:27-40

I am the Bread of Life

We held out our hands with palms upturned. We hoped with all of our being that on our fingers something life-giving would be placed. Yahweh delivered! The God of our forefathers provided us with a life-sustaining food amidst the wilderness and because of that we could make it one more day.

Bread is more than a food item to the Hebrew people. Bread is the very symbol of God's presence and provision for his chosen. As followers of Christ we are co-heirs in the covenant begun in Abraham, signed in Moses, and Revealed perfectly in Jesus Christ. It is of no small significance then that Jesus described himself as the 'Bread of Life'.

To be in covenant with God is to be in relationship with the God who provides for his people. To be a follower of Jesus Christ then is to take part in God's provision of eternal life for all who would simply believe in him and follow him into covenant as one of his chosen people.

We can hold to closely to the work of our own hands, the bread bought at the local store; but in that lose site of God's provision. Soon our hands no longer turn towards heaven, and instead dive into our own pocket books. To believe in God is to trust him not just with all the we have, but for all that we will gain. All good things, after all, come from our father who loves us.

Questions for Reflection or Journaling

  • What are your trusting God to do in your life?
  • Do you trust your own ability alone, or do you trust God with your life?


Father, turn our eyes and hands towards you. Certainly you have blessed us to bless others. Let us never forget though that you are the ultimate source of our provision.