Lent 2014 - Saturday, March 29th

Scripture Reading for Saturday, March 29th

Reading: Luke 18:9-14

Upside Down

You have heard it said before, and will hear it said again. The Kingdom of God does not work in the same way our world does. We live in a world of YouTube and 24 hour news cycles. To be seen is to have existed. In western culture many live in fear of obscurity. To be unnoticed is a fate worse than death. We seek meaning through how and whether others are talking not just talking to us but about us. Our age is one of narcissism.

Certainly our use of technology adds its own spin to our culture of 'being seen' and yet the core human fear of not being noticed was a strong one in the ancient world. To be known was, and is today, to have some tiny bit of power and those in the ancient world sought it out every bit as much as we do today.

To be part of God's kingdom is to recede into the background, to become less and less so that he becomes greater and greater. We are justified in our existence not by the accolades of others, but by the presence of God's abiding Holy Spirit in our life and deeds. The greatest Christians of all, are people you have probably never even heard of, and never will this side of heaven.

Questions for Reflection or Journaling

  • What is your motivation for being 'seen'?
  • What act of service can you do today, that you might never be noticed for?


Lord, may it only ever be your face we seek. All that we do is, and should be, only for your eyes, and only for your ears. We ask that you place us where your need us so that your name would be made great!